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April 8, 2011

Literature - Form 3 - Synopsis - Chapter 6 - Dr. Jekyll N Mr. Hyde

Assalamualaikum ~
lets start, chapter 6 aa, jan salah, hehe ~

  1. Nearly a year later , all London was shocked by a murder . The murder was a very fierce and cruel one , involving a victim of high social standing . 
  2. In this incident , a maid was watching a beautiful moon from her bedroom window . The lane beneath the maid's window was brightly lit by the full moon .
  3. Then an old , white - haired gentlemen came near the lane . A smaller gentlemen was going to meet him . 
  4. The old gentlemen greeted the smaller gentlemen in a polite and friendly manner . The smaller gentlemen did not return the old man's greetings . Then maid recognised him as Hyde as he had once visited his master .
  5. Mr Hyde struck the old gentlemen with his heavy walking stick . The gentleen fell to the ground . Mr Hyde then trampled on the old man .
  6. He hit him with his stick at the same time . His Bones could be heard breaking . The maid fairrted at the terrible sight .
  7. The old gentlemen was dead . The stick used to beat him had broken in the middle . Only half of it was left at the scene . The other half was nowhere to seen .
  8. In the dead's man pocket was an envelope . It was addressed to Utterson .
  9. Utterson would not talk about the contents of the letter . He went to the police station to identified the body . He said that it was Sir Danvers Carew .
  10. Utterson paled when the name Hyde mentioned . He recognised the murder weapon . It was a walking stick he had given Dr Henry Jekyll many years ago .
  11. Utterson took the police to Hyde's address in Soho . Hyde was not in . Then ,Utterson ask to hyde's room .
  12. The house was empty except for two rooms . The roo was used by Hyde . They were tastefully furnished .
  13. At the moment however, the rooms has been turned upside down .
  14. In the fireplace, the inspector found the stub end of a stick behind the door .
  15. Inquiries at the bank showed that Hyde had a few thousand pounds in his name .
  16. The inspector said that it would be very easy how to catch Hyde . Money was his life . They only had to wait at the bank for him to come .
  17. However, Hyde did not appear at the bank 


asif kalau ada salah,, =)


Anonymous said...

tq aiyeen..^^

.aizatulhaziqah. said...

adoh..chapter 13 ad x??sok nk mke tokk

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