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December 23, 2010

stOry | True Fa-Mi-Ly !

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

want to hear my story?
about what?

ok,, let's know my sibling first !
first : razii  ,, also known as ajee!
second : rezah ,, noor | amoi ~
third : rizal ,, nickname pakok ... =)
fourth : rozii,, like female name right? hahahaha,,, called  oci =.=''
fifth : me ! ain~ ein , anne,, dats the way my fren called me~!
lasty but not least : ayuni ... nama jek ayu~ hahaha

now~ kemuncak nyerr!
kurang jelas arh gmbr nhe,, 
xpa,, yg pntg KASIH SAYANG tetap jelas! hehehe

xnak story pnjg2x,,
t ada org plak curi identiti aku~
susah2x !
well,,, mencegah lagi baik kan? 
so berjaga- jaga lngkah yg plink baik larh~

i feel glad being in this familiaaa !
luv you all,,,

daa~ =) !!!

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