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November 25, 2011

Best Quotes

Assalamualaikum PEOPLE. ;)

i get all this quotes from facebook. but i just think that they suit me WELL. :)
tulisan kecik ? pakai kanta dowh ! jan komplen. :P

I barely believe to guy that tell ' I love You '
but, always terbelieve to guy that show their love. 

Always forgive . Forget ? dalam mimpi larrr. 

Terasa Panic apabila, sum1 says. ' Can i talk to you ' or ' aku ada mau ckap samting ni ' etcc larrr.

and. bnyak lagi quotes yang best2 mantap gilerrr about love friendship family. 

but, when it comes about LOVE. i will always think about YOU. <3 :D 


lagi lagi :D

You can say sorry a million times. 
say I LOVE YOU as much as you want.
say whatever you want, whenever you want.
BUT, if you're not going to prove that the things that you say are true.
then dont say anything at all.
because if you cant show it,
you words means nothing. 

A true man wouldnt make his girlfren jelous.
INSTEAD, he would make the other girls jelous. 

there are many ways to express love like..
i luv u. luv you. ily. etc.
BUT. tapi. 
hanya satu yang amat bermakna utk aku. :P
yakni. ( ceh ) I love You . 


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